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Cultugarve, above other things, while promoting the art and culture all around the Algarve region, has in Carnival a huge focus, since it’s one of the most important events happening every year, during the low season. A huge number of the population prefers the Brazilian type of Carnival, with their music and animation, as the millions of Brazilians living in Europe. Since going to Brazil is too expensive, a brazilian type of Carnival in the Algarve, with the good weather that the region has even during the winter, is becoming a good option for tourists and residents.  Developing and promoting this kind of Carnival goes with the idea of attracting more tourists, both European and Brazilian during the winter. This will also result in the creation of more work stations for the locals , making the economy sustainable during the entire year, and not only during the Summer season.

The climate in the Algarve is much better that what the tourists in North Europe think.

Algarve has a higher sun position. Even during the winter, in Algarve the sun stands higher in the sky than during the summer in North Europe. Relative high sea temperature and often no wind at all will give you always a few hours to be in the sun. 

Also, during the winter, most of outside activities are possible as well, making the festivities of Carnival a huge point of attraction.

With the purpose of helping the populations to enjoy the Carnival festivities, Cultugarve has been organizing, for some years now, Carnival events, both on his own, or together in partnership with City Councils.

In 2016 Cultugarve worked together with Albufeira City Council.

In 2017 organized on its own, a “Batucada” to participate in Portimão’s Carnival (Batucada is a substyle of samba and refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble, known as a Bateria.)

Together with City Councils, participated in the Carnival Parades in Loulé, Armação de Pêra, and Paderne.

In 2018 worked together with City Council of Armação de Pêra.

Furthermore, also organized live music performances in different places, while promoted all the events on a complete agenda with the Carnival program in every town or village.

Also, for every place that organized Brazilian or Tropical music concerts, Cultugarve gave a Brazilian flag or banner and also extra international promotion in Cultugarve's Cultural Agenda, social media and mailings to the foreign countries.

Our focus is to keep going with this work, making the carnival a bigger attraction every year, for tourists from all around the world to come and enjoy the warm winter, the excitement of the parades and dancers, and the vibrating music.


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