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Algarve Warmest Winters

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Cultugarve's project is focused in attracting more tourist to Portugal's Algarve during the wintertime.

Our goals are:

Creating and maintaining total cultural agenda of the Algarve.

Doing  (inter)national commercial campaigns trough social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Informing summer tourists about the winter activities.

Distribute flyers, publications and banners throughout Algarve.

Collaborating  with established media and related parties such as:

- Government entities (Câmaras, Juntas, Tourism offices, AHETA and Ministerio da Cultura).

- Public entities (hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist complexes and entertainment parks).

- International entities (airlines, travel agencies and european union founded parties).


How to attract more tourists to Portugal’s Algarve during the wintertime.

When Northern European people read on their thermometers, let say 18 degrees, in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, even Paris, they don't experience it the same as we do here in the Algarve.

  1. Fact: The position of the sun in northern Europe is lower compared to the Algarve in the summer. It wont even not ever be as high as in the Algarve during the wintertime.
  2. Sun hours. The Algarve has the most sun hours in Europe, generally even more than Spain.
  3. The absence of strong colder winds and storms in the wintertime, partly a result from the points 1 and 2
  4. The humidity factor in the north of Europe is for that reason also higher in the daytime.

Conclusion, 18 degrees  in the Algarve, with a higher sun position, the lack of wind and humidity, as well longer daytime light, will generally feel 2 to 4 degrees higher compared to the same temperature in the north of Europe.

This is what we call in the North the “temperatura sentida” This reading is depending on sun, wind and humidity, compared to other reading in the rest of Europe.


Also, Snow is rare in the Algarve. Because it can snow in Braga and Porto, most Europeans think it also snows in whole of Portugal. Time to let them know that its possible to enjoy Christmas in a bikini on the beach with presents under a palm tree.

And when we are busy with that, we can also tell them about the beautiful new years eve parties on the Algarve beaches with are announced as Europe most beautiful beaches.


Essential is to tell the visiting tourists in the summer, about these conditions when they are already here.


Portugal’s Algarve has more than 15 million tourists during the summer. Let’s say just 10 % of these tourists are willing to come back in the winter. That’s 750.000 tourists, with is almost twice the total population of the Algarve!

How to do it?

With the distribution of flyers and  banners, through airlines, tourism offices, hotels.

Making short videos promoting the warmest winter.

Developing the tourism in the winter will have as a direct consequence an increasing of work stations, salaries, and better living conditions for the locals, making the economy stable for the entire year. The tourists that are here during the Summer, are the best way to promote the Algarve in their country of origin.


Algarve is not only about fabulous beaches, sun heat and summer parties. Algarve has much more to (continue to) offer even when the temperature is decreasing a little bit.

It’s important to say that Algarve offers more than 300 days of sun per year, which allows residents and tourists to enjoy the large number of activities and festivities running in open air.

Highly influenced by Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean, as by his proximity to the north of Africa, Algarve offers warmest winters and less rain, being a nice option in spite of the severe winters from the north of Europe.

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About Cultugarve

Cultugarve is a Cultural Organization, with the main purpose of organizing and promoting cultural events, mostly musical ones, with the focus on attracting more tourists to Algarve, also during the winter season. Cultugarve is a non-profit organization, working with his own funds.

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