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 The city Council of Castro Marim returns to the "Baby gatherings" in the municipal swimming pool, an initiative that promotes the autonomy and safety of children, while simultaneously promoting the relationship between parents and children and socialization among infants.
Celebrated on November the 11th, St. Martin's Day marks the traditional “magusto”. To taste the first chestnuts and the new wine, family and friends gather in some festivities ,organized a bit throughout the council – on November 10th in Odeleite, on November 11th in Alta Mora (Odeleite) and Castro Marim and on November 17th in Altura.
The City Hall, on a firm bet in the promotion and enhancement of salt and “Flor de Sal”, materialised some applications, already approved under the PO CRESC ALGARVE 2020 and MAR 2020...
The European heritage days 2018, under the motto "Sharing Memories" are marked in São Brás de Alportel with a program of activities that extends from 28th to 30th September, to promote the cultural heritage of the Council. 
The programme of regular activities of the Centre for Education and Interpretation, and Environmental Education of the Council of São Brás de Alportel "Quinta do Peral", opened since 2008, in a former rehabilitated elementary school in the algarvian barrocal , that became part of the national project "Stars and sea urchins" with a set of initiatives addressed to families. 
Requalification works take place in outer space of nursery school and kindergarten of Castro Marim At the end of 2017, the City Council of Castro Marim closed the space outside the nursery school and kindergarten in the village, for reasons of security and improvement works in the infrastructure.
The City Council of São Brás de Alportel released a collection of 12 postcards, with photographs of significant elements, identifying the beauty and diversity of the council, now immortalized on this collection that will run the world through the hands of the growing number of tourists who visit São Brás de Alportel. 
The time has come for the return to school, which in São Brás de Alportel is synonymous of the usual opening ceremony of school year 2018/2019, a convivial meeting that the council of São Brás de Alportel organises in partnership with the Group of Schools José Belchior Viegas ,to bring together teachers, educators and assistants of the schools of the council.
The Council of Castro Marim and the Parish Council of Odeleite began last week the cleaning of Ribeira de Odeleite, which should be soon completed.
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