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Lagoa reinforces support for student athletes and Associativism

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The ESPAMOL- The Secondary School Padre António Martins de Oliveira in Lagoa has a High Yield Support Unit (UAARE). It supports already 25 athletes-students and young talents of national selections of five modalities, coming from all the Windward side of Algarve.

The secretary of State for Youth and Sport, João Paulo Rebelo, stressed during his visit to Lagoa, on 8th of  March ' 19, that these structures-of which is example the UAARE created in the Secondary School Padre António Martins de Oliveira in Lagoa-serve to facilitate the reconciliation between the sports life and the school life of young people who want to invest in both simultaneously.

The ruler was welcomed by the President of the Municipality of Lagoa, Francisco Martins, and by his executive, by the president of the School Group, Professor Eduardo Luís, among others. Together they visited the room that is being intervened to support the UAARE, unsealed a commemorative tombstone, and contacted young athletes who are already benefiting from support for high performance in Lagoa.

UAARE is a technical-pedagogical structure, created in schools where there are students (secondary level) who are simultaneously students and athletes from the Centers of High Performance Sports, Federations, Associations or Clubs. The case of Lagoa resulted from the effort of cooperation between different areas and levels of local, regional and national responsability involved.

The headquarters of the CHE Lagoense Cultural and Sports Association is one of these local structures that promote sports practice and whose facilities have recently received significant improvements. It was also included in the program of this day dedicated to enhancing the articulation between sport, education, and local associative structures.

THE president of ACD-CHE Lagoense, José Armando Silva accompanied by other leaders and technicians of the association, received the delegation who visited the premises, thanked the support of the Municipality, the regional structures of the IPDJ and its guardianship, highlighting the importance of cooperation for associative life. The sports results recently achieved in various modalities by CHE Lagoense, namely in badminton, as well as the views of the rhythmic Gymnastics group and the group of more than twenty  “Cavaquinhos”, were applaudening evidence on the spot.

Lagoa, March 21, 2019

Municipality of Lagoa

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