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Castro Marim attributed about 90 000 euros in scholarships

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 The Council of Castro Marim continues, in the context of its social policy and education, to support students of secondary and higher education. The awarding of scholarships exceeds 90,000 euros this year.

A total of 62 scholarships, 41 of secondary education and 21 of higher education, were this year attributed by the city council of Castro Marim, allowing young residents in the county to pursue their studies, irrespective of their Economic and Financial condition. For each secondary school student are assigned 1000 euros annually and for higher education 2500 euros (variable value depending on the grant of the college scholarship).

This is an investment that defends the development and future of Castro Marim and that, at the same time, promotes school use, since it is one of the conditions of awarding scholarships.

In the last three years, an investment of about 230,000 euros has been added to the awarding of scholarships, but the education and social action policy includes other initiatives and measures, among which the allocation of economic aid can be highlighted. For the acquisition of school supplies to elementary school students belonging to low-income households, the acquisition of the first cycle students ' chip books, the financing of 50% of the value of the public transport pass for all students Residents in the county to study at the secondary School of Vila Real de St. António, the transfer of school transportation to all students of the 1st cycle whose residence is more than 3km from the educational establishment they attend and the annual trip of the best students of each year and each class.

Besides all this, the city council of Castro Marim collaborates with the University of Algarve in the award of scholarships of academic excellence to students, residents in the county, who had entered this school year in college. The scholarships of excellence fully pay the first year of graduation, or an integrated master's degree, to the five best students from Castro Marim. This initiative essentially aims to fix the best students in the country in this region.

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