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The Palestinian Ambassador was received at Lagoa City Hall by President Francisco Martins

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Nabil Abuznaid, the Ambassador of Palestine in Portugal, recently visited the council of Lagoa, and left proposals for the development of relations between this council and some structures of his country.

The area of youth, namely the exchange programs between teams of young sportsmen, were possibilities pointed to the development of institutional relations during the courtesy visit that took place on the last day of January 2019.

The President of the City Council of Lagoa has expressed its willingness to develop these types of programmes, and both parties are responsible for initiating the process for the implementation of youth exchanges.

The mayor of Lagoa, Francisco Martins, accompanied by the rest of the executive and Support Office, received the Ambassador of Palestine in a session of official greetings and exchange of information. Among other issues covered, the municipalism and its differences in operation in Portugal and Palestine.

Francisco Martins took the opportunity to draw an overview of the council of Lagoa, talking about its development projects. The president also presented, generically, the city council as a structure for implementing the measures for the aforementioned local and regional development.

Finally, during the exchange of memories between the two representatives, the President of the council of Lagoa was formally invited by the Palestinian ambassador to visit that country, on a next opportunity.

 Lagoa, February, 2019

Municipality of Lagoa

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