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Mayor Francisco Martins delivers fifth ambulance to Lagoa Fire Department

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Lagoa Fire Department has just received a new ambulance for transporting emergency patients and a trailer with a water pump suitable for flood cases.


The Mayor of the council of Lagoa, Francisco Martins, delivered this morning , on February 11th, 2019, to the president of Lagoa Fire Association,   Joaquim Cintra Lima, two equipments that are intended to reinforce the technical capacity of that Corporation of Firemen.

"We have been reinforcing the support of the Lagoa firefighters every year because we know the importance of the services they provide. But to be able to respond with the best services to those who need them, the firefighters need human resources, financial means and technical means. It is to reinforce the technical means of the firefighters that we are here today, "said Francisco Martins during the visit to the Lagoa Fire Department.

The mayor of Lagoa, accompanied by Vice President Luís Encarnação, and councilors Ana Martins and Jorge Pardal, also thanked  the president of the Fire Association Joaquim Cintra Lima and the Commander Vitor Rio ,  for the gesture of  Solidarity with S. Domingos, council of Cabo-Verde, geminated with Lagoa from Algarve.

This solidarity offer from Lagoa of Algarve, which should be consumed during the next month, translates into the delivery to the Cape Verdianos firefighters of an ambulance car that, being in good conditions,  can not be used in Portugal for not complying with some norms (e.g. having the banks oriented towards the march). The council of Lagoa will ensure the transport of this car to Cabo Verde.


Lagoa, February 13, 2019

Council of Lagoa

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