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Baixo Guadiana promoted in FITUR

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From 23rd to 27th  January , Baixo Guadiana "travels" to Madrid to participate in one of the most important European tourism fairs: Fitur. Pedestrianism is the main bet.


The Odiana Association follows the journey to the Spanish capital where it will promote the territory of the Baixo Guadiana in Fitur. It is an international tourism reference Hall that celebrates this year its 39th  edition and that in 2018 hit record of participation with 140,120 professionals and 110,860 visitors of the general public.

Participation in this event intends to promote the conditions of excellence for the practice of active and sustainable tourism, and the objective is to serve as a privileged showcase to the natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the territory of Baixo Guadiana, highlighting resources such as the Guadiana River, the fauna and the flora and the trails. "To continue betting on nature tourism as a way to combat seasonality and to carry out the proper promotion in specialty channels are the primordial objectives of Odiana," says Silvia Madeira, the director of Odiana, ensuring that the bet is "in the affirmation of Baixo Guadiana as a tourist destination of nature per excellence, under the slogan «Endless Nature».

Taking advantage of its presence at Fitur,  Odiana prepares to present, first hand, the new promotional tools of the great route of the Guadiana, namely the promotional video, the guide, as well as allusive merchandising. These are essential products for the promotion of this great pedestrian route and that appeal to tourists to experience the nature and the territory of the Baixo Guadiana.

In addition to this presentation, Odiana already has a timetable for initiatives that combines the agenda of the Territory. The council of Alcoutim presents the video and the programming of the 2019 edition of the Contraband Festival. In turn, the council of Vila Real de Santo António will make a presentation about the” Pombalino” historical center. Also the council of Castro Marim will present the «Medieval days of the South». On the weekend, 26 and 27 of January, days open to the general public, will be made the presentation of the territory of Baixo Guadiana by Odiana, with the right to assign a stay.

Remember that Fitur's target audience is tourism professionals, as an opportunity to find professional buyers and position their offer in an innovative and competitive way. For the public, it constitutes the opportunity to meet new destinations and solutions.

To highlight that the presence and participation in this event is an initiative of Odiana through the project Promoturis, – Plan of tourism and cultural promotion-presented to the opening notice ALG-14-2016-10-tourism promotion and realization of cultural events, 6.3 Investment priority, funded by the Cresc ALGARVE 2020 Operational Programme. 

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