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Celebrated on November the 11th, St. Martin's Day marks the traditional “magusto”. To taste the first chestnuts and the new wine, family and friends gather in some festivities ,organized a bit throughout the council – on November 10th in Odeleite, on November 11th in Alta Mora (Odeleite) and Castro Marim and on November 17th in Altura.

The first Magusto has then place in Odeleite, on November 10th (Saturday), from 3pm. The musical animation will be in charge of "Sérgio Conceição".

On November 11th, Sunday, it is the turn of Alta Mora and Castro Marim! In Alta Mora the celebrations start early, at 9 a.m. begins a pedestrian walk through the hills and valleys of this town, a route that always ends with a lunch of fraternization among the participants. The Magusto starts at 2pm and there will still be a ball animated by "Silvino Campos". At the same time ocures a Market of St Martin, where you will find some of the best local products, such as rosemary honey, cheese, the famous homemade bread and also a rich and diverse showcase of handicrafts. In Castro Marim is the 1st of May square that welcomes the celebrations of St Martin, from 4pm. Roasted chestnuts and wine at the pace of a ball, animated by "Zé Aníbal"

In Altura, the celebrations are for the next weekend. On the17th of November (Saturday), the " Chestnut Market ", which opens at 10am, receives the concentrationof old motorised and a lot of musical animation: by 3pm,dance with Sérgio Conceição and by 4pm the performance of the ethnographic group of Quelfes.

The gatherings of St Martin are initiatives supported by the council of Castro Marim and organized by the Parish council of Odeleite and Social Association of the Parish of Odeleite, recreational association , Cultural and Sports of Friends of Alta Mora (ARCDAA) , Parish Council of Altura and Parish Council of Castro Marim.

Castro Marim, November 5th , 2018

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