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Lagoa took to the Santarém fair treasures of Algarve gastronomy Featured

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Lagoa sat at the table with the best flavors in the country. It was in the 39th edition of the National Festival of Gastronomy of Santarém where the Municipality of Lagoa participated as a special guest.


One of the ten Portuguese municipalities invited to show their flavors at the National Festival of Gastronomy of Santarém 2019, which took place between October 24th and November 3rd, was Lagoa, Algarve.

And on the seventh day of the party where Portugal is tasted, October 30th, the highlight was for the differentiating genuineness of the flavors of the municipality of Lagoa. Traditional gastronomy and confectionery proved to be in a relationship of complicity with the best wines produced in this territory, to which the interpretations of the popular Algarve Group of Cantares Fonte Nova were associated.

Lagoa's participation was particularly appreciated in three high moments. First, at lunchtime, it was presented "A sea of traditions" with delicacies of “Moreia frita”, “Muxama” of tuna, Octopus , Sardines and Seafood with beans.

About 5pm, it was time for the presentation and tasting of the “Florados de Lagoa”, flavored by the soft and sweet Algarmoscatel of adega ÚNICA. At dinner time, at 8pm, a remarkable gastronomic moment again took place, this time entitled "Lagoa, its history, its products and the kitchen". Snacks such as the “Biqueirão”, the canned mackerel with seasoned carrot, the Seafood Soup with sweet potatoes and the Corn Porridges with clams were served.

The Charneco Restaurant was the gastronomic ambassador of Lagoa, while the confectionery was represented by specialist Cremilde Paias Andrez, both originally from Estômbar.

The three highlighted moments of this seventh day of the National Festival of Gastronomy of Santarém 2019 were harmonized with the wines of Quinta dos Vales, Monte dos Salicos, Dona Niza and the winnery ÚNICA.


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