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Book Markers tell stories in the Municipal Library of Castro Marim Featured

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Yesterday, the exhibition of book markers was inaugurated in the Municipal Library of Castro Marim.


Authored by Guida Bruno, this exhibition gathers hundreds of book markers from around the world and intends to provide an intercultural journey, relying on aspects such as its use, the confection materials or the production requirement, which reveal some aspects of an advertising and sociological nature.

"Perhaps because I feel that the book markers go beyond their main function-marking the page where the reading was interrupted – they also tell stories and are excellent Guardians of memories," says Guida Bruno, who took the opportunity to speak also about the importance that collecticism ultimately has in its family context.

Storyteller and reading promoter, Guida Bruno was born in 1951 in Bombarral, and grew up surrounded by books, which made her fall in love with reading. From his childhood, she also recalls the van of the itinerant library of the Gulbenkian, a piece that considers the key in his love for books. Librarian with academic training, was at the National Theatre Museum, where she worked, that she  began, in 1991, this collection of book markers. Currently she has 60,000 copies, national and foreign, divided and catalogued by various themes, being the oldest from the year 1860.

This exhibition will be in the Municipal Library of Castro Marim until the end of September, and can be visited during week days from 9 : 30 to 1 pm and 2:30 to 6pm

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