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FATACIL WAS BORN ON JUNE 21st, 1980 Featured

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FATACIL offers free entry to visitors born on the first day of their creation

On June 21st, 1980, the 1st Regional Fair of Lagoa was born, event that was baptized in 1981 with the name of Fatacil – Fair of crafts, tourism, agriculture, commerce and Industry of Lagoa, designation that has since been held that which is considered the most important general economic Activities Fair in southern Portugal.

To mark this inescapable date of the collective memory of Fatacil, the organization will offer two free entries to each of the visitors born on June 21, 1980, over the 10 days of duration of the 40 ª Fatacil.

Yesterday, the 1st Regional Fair of Lagoa, held at the game park Captain Josino da Costa, integrated 11 local exhibitors and received 1,500 visitors. Today, in the 40 ª Fatacil will be present more than 700 exhibitors and about 190,000 visitors.

About 20000 exhibitors and more than 4 million visitors have passed Fatacil since June 21st, 1980.

Someone wrote that "those who pass us, do not go alone, do not leave us alone. They leave a little of themselves, they take a little of us. "

Those who have passed Fatacil, exhibitors, visitors, collaborators, organizers, artists, also do not go alone: something of the living memory of the fair goes with them, from the knowledge and flavors of many regions of Portugal that are in their sectors of Exhibition, to the unforgettable moments of their performances. They also do not leave the fair alone: The empathy of grateful memories, the emotive vibration of each in the collective spirit of Fatacil, which makes the fair a place of worship and mandatory visit: For its thousands of "faithful" go to the Algarve and not visit the Fatacil , it's like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope!

 Lagoa, 21 June 2019

Municipality of Lagoa

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