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Academic Association of Bela Vista stands out with full athletes

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The Academic Association of Bela Vista is a regional runner of "full athlete". The title was won at the Estadio Municipal of Bela Vista that received on April 19 ' 19, the Regional championship of this modality.

Lagoa received at the Athletics track of the Municipal Stadium of Bela Vista, the 1st session of the Regional Championship of complete athlete, the level of initiates, and the Regional Championship of combined races, of the juvenile level. The 2nd session was held on the following Saturday, April 27, at the Faro Municipal runway. The organization of the association Athletics of the Algarve counted on the support of the municipality of Lagoa.

In the "Full athlete" Championships each participant plays a diverse set of competitions: barriers, speed, endurance, jump in length, jump in height, launching the dart. The winner is the athlete who adds at the end the highest number of points. Only athletes who fulfill all the evidence are classified.

The Bela Vista athletics track received 30 athletes from 9 clubs in the Algarve region during the holiday of April 19, even with the rain to be noted.

The Academic Association of Bela Vista won the title of Regional Vice-champion in the Regional Championship of complete athlete in the level of initiates, thus highlighting in the general classification a team of the municipality of Lagoa.

This "full athlete" test is part of the official calendar of the Algarve Athletics Association. At the Council level, the initiative is part of the II axis of the sports development strategy of the Municipality of Lagoa, designated as "competition sport".

Lagoa, 7 may 2019

Municipality of Lagoa

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