The Municipality of Castro Marim signed the Partnership, formalization and constitution protocol of the Nautical Station of Baixo Guadiana (ENBG), initiative of the Naval Station of the Guadiana that is promoting the diversification of the offer of this tourist destination and attract another type of visitor.
1600 students from more than 70 schools in the Algarve made the School Sports Athletics Festival in Lagoa
The Municipality of Castro Marim has already opened registrations for children and young people (from 6 to 15 years) for another edition of the Active Easter Holidays, which run from 8th to 17th of April with many novelties!
The ESPAMOL- The Secondary School Padre António Martins de Oliveira in Lagoa has a High Yield Support Unit (UAARE). It supports already 25 athletes-students and young talents of national selections of five modalities, coming from all the Windward side of Algarve.
The Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Rosa Monteiro, comes to Lagoa next day 27th  March ' 19, to jointly with President Francisco Martins, deliver the award Maria Barroso .
-VATe and Municipality of Castro Marim combine awareness campaigns for the saving of WATER-
 Castro Marim launched yesterday its first philatelic collection, commemorative of the Institution of the 700 Years of the Order of Christ in this village. A remarkable moment, since these stamps with the brand of Castromarinense history will circulate throughout the world, in about 1 million copies of stamps, starting with the correspondence of the Municipality, which yesterday  was already launched  with the new philatelic collection. A copy of the collection will be evident in the Communications Museum of Portugal.
 The Council of Castro Marim continues, in the context of its social policy and education, to support students of secondary and higher education. The awarding of scholarships exceeds 90,000 euros this year.
Nabil Abuznaid, the Ambassador of Palestine in Portugal, recently visited the council of Lagoa, and left proposals for the development of relations between this council and some structures of his country.
Lagoa Fire Department has just received a new ambulance for transporting emergency patients and a trailer with a water pump suitable for flood cases.
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