In the framework of twinning between Lagoa of Algarve and Lagoa of Azores, an exhibition of traditional nativity shows from that Azorean municipality will be present from 30th November 2019 to 6th January 2020. In the seventeenth century appear in São Miguel (in convents and private houses) the first nativity scenes "lapinhas" built inside glazed boxes and in the next century in redomas. In these representations the Nativity, which constitutes the central theme, can coexist with other biblical scenes. In the decoration of these structures clay figures emerge from environments decorated with shells and flowers made by the religious. With the extinction of the convents in 1832 (1834 on the continent) the "lapinhas" began to be producede in the domestic space, configuring a form of popular art. With the opening of the first ceramic mills in the county in 1862, some of its employees began the production of nativity scene dolls in domestic workshops becoming the first of the county. The bonecreira art is today one of the ex-libris of Lagoa, taking away the name of the municipality and its artists.
In order for the memory of the hands not to be forgotten and the immaterial heritage is not lost, the Parish Council of Odeleite, in collaboration with the Social Association of the Parish of Odeleite, develops the 2nd edition of workshops on the "Sabores & Saberes de Odeleite", which starts already this Sunday, November 3rd, and focuses on the sweetness of this time - "Figs and Stars".
From August 28th to September 1st, the village of Castro Marim becomes an enchanted village, but recreating, with all the rigor, the uses, customs and experiences of the medieval past.
In August you can read about Cultugarve on the French magazine Vivre Le Portugal! 
Yesterday, the exhibition of book markers was inaugurated in the Municipal Library of Castro Marim.
The Mediterranean cultures featured in the 6th edition of the culture market … by Candlelight, from 4th to 7th July 2019 between 7pm and 00:30, in LAGOA- Convent of St. Joseph and surrounding streets
FATACIL offers free entry to visitors born on the first day of their creation
Castro Marim celebrated the municipal holiday, with a great concert of Carminho. The fado singer crowded the “Revelim of St. Anthony” and thrilled the audience with its uniqueness and great voice. The trio "Bela Luísa" started the night, also with Portuguese music.
 Young Olympic tournament has happened and will happen in Lagoa
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Cultugarve is a Cultural Organization, with the main purpose of organizing and promoting cultural events, mostly musical ones, with the focus on attracting more tourists to Algarve, also during the winter season. Cultugarve is a non-profit organization, working with his own funds.

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