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The Algarve has a lot on offer for art and music lovers, with cultural events throughout the year – there are art galleries in nearly every town with constantly changing exhibitions from both international and local artists as well as concerts, theater productions and dance shows. Music and dance are the cultural expressions that best reflect the soul of a people.

Cultugarve.com brings you the special and unique culture of Southern Portugal. The online agenda features the Algarve’s diverse rich cultural aspects, focusing on live music, that can be enjoyed in the numerous clubs and restaurants, making these places more accessible for inhabitants as well as visitors to the region.
Most people know the Algarve for its low cost sun, sea and beach holiday possibilities, but the Algarve has much more to offer; there’s a hidden treasure of music and other cultural activities. The special mix of Portuguese culture and music with the influences of the former colonies Angola and Brazil results in unique music styles that are played and enjoyed full of passion and energy. Fado, semba, jazz, blues, rock, latin and samba, all in the world’s most musical language: Língua Portuguesa.